MML3 release date?

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User Info: Limpanot

5 years ago#1
Day 1 purchase.

User Info: Luuthian

5 years ago#2
Can't tell if this is a joke...

It was cancelled. Permanently. And many speculate it was due to poor initial sales of the platform.
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User Info: pug_wishbone

5 years ago#3
it got cancelled, bro

User Info: XMike17

5 years ago#4
nobody tell him
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User Info: elihuaran

5 years ago#5
He's going to be crushed. We should let him live in his fantasy world.

Hey, TC? Ignore the other guys. It'll be out eventually. There's no definitive date set yet.

User Info: Wynters387

5 years ago#6
Don't listen to these guys it'll come out on 4/1/2012 or if you use the other way 1/4/2012
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