Rate Netflix on the 3ds

#11PhantomSwordPosted 7/30/2011 2:22:49 PM
Spectacular Spider-Man and Law and Order (SVU and Criminal Intent).

No problems after the update, really, so I'm good.
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#12OmegaZero633Posted 7/30/2011 2:25:36 PM(edited)
RPG_THEORlST posted...
Screen is way too tiny. I've got it on my PS3, got it on my iPhone for a better screen and portability, and have it on my blu-ray player in my bedroom. It's really kind of pointless on the 3DS if you ask me.

More options are better. I'm not buying a iPhone for Netflix.

EDIT: 8/10 for me. Nice having Netfix on the go/bed.
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#13I_am_GyaradosPosted 7/30/2011 2:25:25 PM

From: stromvancouver | #002
Im losing sleep because I watch it all the time.

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#14AJ2412Posted 7/31/2011 12:54:14 PM
Screen's too small, and it's really pointless for me, since I have a Wii in the living room, my laptop, my PC, and my Xbox in my room, I really have no need for Netflix on the 3DS.
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#15RedDeerRebelPosted 7/31/2011 1:06:26 PM
In the same boat as many others. While nice to have the option (like my Wii) it's redundant to use as I have other devices with better screens/picture quality to use both at home and portably.
#16FalloutZXPosted 7/31/2011 1:10:57 PM
mattersville posted...
- slow startup.
- mediocre resolution.
+ 3D menus...

I would use it way more if I didn't have an iPhone. It's not bad by any means but for me it sits just above the level of "better than nothing."

starts up real quick for me the res isnt that bad at all. course alot of people dont remeber a time before hd and dvd's
#17fallenKlNGPosted 7/31/2011 1:11:21 PM
If you can get Netflix on the computer or TV, then it seems kinda pointless to watch on the 3DS since the screen is so small. It's especially annoying when you watch certain shows that only display in a little square.

While not every show/movie I want is available, there's quite a few that I enjoy. The loading time is decent from what I experienced. Once it loads the first time, it usually never has to buffer in the middle of the show/movie.
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