Nintendo should make the 3DS not look like all the DS systems

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"Nintendo should make the 3DS not look like all the DS systems"

I agree with you TC except for one fact, your topic doesn't only apply to Nintendo, but to Sony, Apple, Microsoft, and other companies as well. Nintendo is not the only one milking the same brand name.
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"Just saying, some person goes into a store. There's like 4 different versions of the DS. All have the same basic design as the other.

Now if this person knows nothing about games they might not know which is the newest one. They also think it plays the same games so they buy the cheapest one.

They look at the 3DS & think to themselves. I'm noting spending $80-$100 on the same DS with added 3D effect.

These people just don't know 3DS is a whole new handheld. You know who's to blame? Yep, Nintendo

All I see on videos is how 3DS is gaming in 3D. Your average consumer will see these videos on TV & think it's the same DS with 3D cause of it's same basic look.

Nintendo needs to step away from the clam shell look & try something different. Perhaps a slide-out design.

They'll wouldn't need to even change the name cause it still has 2 screens. Just slide up the top part to reveal the 2nd screen on bottom with the buttons."

I actually kinda like the clamshell design and besides if consumer doesn't see the difference then that's their problem. There's a reason the 3DS had a 3D slider, two cameras, and an analog thumb pad. As for a slide-out design, I already own a PSP Go and a mobile phone that already does that.