History Says the 3DS is Doomed

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5 years ago#41
IGN forgets about the original DS price cut. It got one before the DS Lite. COME ON!
If I were stuck on an island with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Modern Warfare 2, I would play Super Mario Galaxy 2 first. People who agree: 224
5 years ago#42
Can't really say 3DS is a failure until we've seen the Vita, its direct competitor, beating it in sales.
Although obviously iPhone/Android is going to force the two of them into a corner at this rate...
<Risque quote removed>
5 years ago#43
Denial = Not just a river in Egypt.

The 3DS sucks. Period. Deal with it.

Need Proof?

Here ya go:



"In the land of the one-eyed, the TWO eyed man is king."
Maximus Padicus
5 years ago#44
How many great games did the PS 3 or 360 have after four months? I'm willing to bet you love one or both of those systems now. You are nothing more than an idiot for saying it sucks and acting like it won't get better.
5 years ago#45
Lemmywinks13 posted...
haha...nice one soaring dive. You should work for IGN.

I don't know if this is a complement... or an insult...

On one hand, you could be saying I should replace some of them (AKA, I'm better), or that I suck enough to work for IGN -__-
Your entire life has been a mathematical error. A mathematical error I'm about to correct.
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