The one thing you HATE most about the 3DS

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User Info: banjokablooie

5 years ago#101
Remakes remakes remakes. please make nintendo stop making these.

User Info: elheber

5 years ago#102
Quiet speakers.
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User Info: vgking69

5 years ago#103
its 3D sucks

I've now used many models at many stores and I've noticed that it only isn good when you have no head movement, but otherwise any movement and it looses the 3D effect and also I've seen broken models that showed double images of everything on screen at any angle

thus proving that 3D gaming, especially in a hand held is just a gimmick and nintendo should have just scrapped the 3D idea and just went with making a HD portable like sonys VITA

User Info: wugeezy

5 years ago#104
That I don't have one yet. :(

User Info: panama_chief

5 years ago#105
lack of online multiplayer....
lack of multiplayer period.
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User Info: CapnStanky

5 years ago#106
The screens are garbage.

User Info: Blaze627

5 years ago#107
Region Lock

Hopefully someone finds a workaround for that.
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