IGN fuels the trolling flames!

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Hmmm funny. You should of looked into this games "problem" before you bought it. What are you going to complain about after all these games come out? Lol
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Stopped reading at "some dude". You don't know who Hiroshi Yamauchi is?
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Umm yeah...but he hasn't been a part of Nintendo for a long time so why do I care how much money he has in the bank? He is still a multi billionaire so I'm not gonna cry a river for him. I want games info.
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JonnyBigBoss posted...
It isn't doomed, it's just not very good. I can't imagine ever buying one unless it was under $100 personally, but that's just me.

I wouldn't say it's bad, It's just not gotten off on a good start. Seeing he Future releases though, you can bet it will do much better down the road, and you might change your mind a little then
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I don't know if i would call the article a troll per se. They went out of there way to mention the quality of titles on those systems, and to be honest isn't that really the most important thing to me as a player. I don't care how many other people are buying it, as long as it is enough to support titles I can enjoy playing. I couldn't care less if Vita wins this, I'll probably have one of those too.

I think the 3DS is already safely outside of Virtual Boy land, in that i think the platform is sustainable with some degree. So i will just hope this drop makes the platform even better to third parties, and it can be a huge success. If it ends up being another N64/GC well, i always loved my N64 too, and do kinda regret not having a GC.