I think everyone is overreacting.

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5 years ago#11
Animal Crossing
Rune Factory 4
Heroes of Ruin

And lets hop on the speculation train here, I'm sure we can expect a couple of new games in the Mario and Luigi RPG series, New Super Mario bros, etc.
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5 years ago#12
do you think nintendo tried to sell the 3ds with OOT remake? I think they overestimated the demand of it. However I think if they made a legit remake of it earlier it would of sold anything like hot cakes. Just it's been available on too many platforms now like gamecube, wii VC.... ect
Stating your opinion =/= Trolling. Deal with it.
5 years ago#13
The Dreamcast had a 2 year lifespan. But I consider it one of the greatest consoles ever.
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5 years ago#14
^ This user speaks the truth, ;.;
Stating your opinion =/= Trolling. Deal with it.
5 years ago#15
To be fair it's the 25th Anniversary so a first remake, second retail release would have done it. There have only been 3 selling copies of OoT since the GC ones are free copies and rare to find.
5 years ago#16
SniperNightOwl posted...
you know whats the problem though? Over half of those games you listed TC, are pretty much ports of games from n64 and ps2 era. And not everyone like mario, coronary to popular belief,

I hope a few things in this post were typos and/or done on purpose for hilarity's sake.
Avada Kedavra!
5 years ago#17
Humans are a social organism. If the masses say blah, and the media reports it, that's the way it is. It's damage control time now. If you can delude yourself otherwise, fine. Go show off your system and get more sold. That what I do, although, I'll be honest that half of the people I've shown it to turn off 3d pretty quick. Then they ask what the big deal is, and where's the start button. My one buddy said he'd buy at the first price drop, but I've not talked to him on a few weeks. Well see. But I talk to gamestop, kmart, mom&pop shop, and they all say the same thing. No one buys them. There are used systems Everywhere that takes them. I don't like this, but it is so.
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5 years ago#18
It's sold 4.5 million in four months. Not great, but about on par with the original DS and that came out during the holiday season. I think the DS turned out fine.

Don't forget...

Ace Combat
Bit Trip Saga
Boy and His Blob
Cave Story
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights
Heres of Ruin
James Noirs Hollywood Crimes
Ninja Gaiden
Professor Layton
Sonic Generations
Tales of the Abyss

All plus what TC listed, plus surprises, plus downloads...all coming within the next year or so. My problem won't be finding games but finding time to play these games.
5 years ago#19
SniperNightOwl posted...
coronary to popular belief,

I think I'm about to have a coronary of popular belief.
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