Lets Play Golf 3D is probably the best game available now.

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For a bunch of plagiarists, they sure get a lot of praise.

Because the games are good, copies, but good

But none are exceptional. They're all just weak, serviceable copies of much better games. The best of their ripoffs is on DSiware. It's called Soul of Darkness, and it's a Castlevania ripoff.
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I'd rather have 3D original games than more VC 2D titles. If wanted to play old 2D games, I wouldn't have bought a 3DS. It would be like buying a 360 to play Pong.
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Gameloft ripping off games from console developers? No way. Gameloft is know for it, look at this Uncharted rip off that's 2 games they've copied from Sony unless there are even more???

What are the other games they ripped-off?

Is this even a serious question?

NOVA= Halo
Dungeon Hunter= Dungeon Seige
Shadow Guardian=Uncharted
Lets Play Golf 3D= Hots Shot Golf
Backstab= Assassins Creed

There are a lot more as well, I even saw a Starcraft copy but I can't remember the name

Star Collision was their Starcraft rip off.

And too add to your list: Gangstar 1&2= GTA rip off.

To add to your addition to his list:

Soul of Darkness= Castlevania