Is the 3DS' graphics equivalent to the N64, or the Wii?

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5 years ago#81
grans posted...
When you lower the resolution, the polygon performance skyrockets far higher due to the smaller resolution.

First of all, that's not totally true. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but resolution should have no effect on polygon performance unless the vertices are actually being processed in a higher precision. But that shouldn't be the case, as vertices are almost always processed with decent-precision floating point numbers(even on low-res screens), that should be precise enough to render at 4k resolution with plenty of sub-pixel precision to spare.

The 3DS could be using a newer gpu model with polygon counnts comparable to the Wii, but the actual polygon counts of the 3DS will be half of what they are on paper, due to the 3D effect.
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5 years ago#82
It's more powerful then Wii, less powerful then 360, but has really good shaders. The graphical power of the system is quite strong, especially if the game didn't make use of the 3D and have to render 2 images.
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5 years ago#83
OmegaZero633 posted...
PhantomSword posted...
SkyCrackers posted...
PhantomSword posted...
SkyCrackers posted...
PhantomSword posted...

That and quite a few textures [in OOT3D] have been untouched

I don't know where you got that idea from, but that's 100% false. I've played both versions of OOT very recently, so I would know.

Also, nearly all of Link's animations have been redone. Obviously, OOT3D doesn't push the 3DS, but it's a large improvement over the N64 version.

The grass. Some stairs are still flat surfaces, etc.

They may not look all that much better, but the grass textures have been redone. Also, flat stairs have nothing to do with textures. The stair textures in the 3DS version are of a higher resolution than those in the N64 version.

Point is, they could have gone further. The water doesn't look that great, the fire sucks, the Sun/Moon is AMAZING, the Gorons are virtually unchanged, the effects for arrows, magic, and the spin attack's charge all look the same, etc.

Spin attack and arrow magic have been changed, and look much better.

They still look bad, though, and N64-esque.
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5 years ago#84
Less resolution = less resources being used. Period. No part of the GPU will work as hard rendering the same model at 240p as it will at 4K. Performance WILL skyrocket, should a lower than maximum resolution be used.
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5 years ago#85
Resolution has *no* effect on how many polygons the 3DS can render per second. Vertex processing is performed on a separate part of the gpu unrelated to any kind of pixel processing.
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5 years ago#86
The higher the resolution of an image, the more detail that needs to be rendered so your game doesn't look butt ugly. The 3DS needs to display only 400x240 pixels or detail as opposed to 1366x768+ resolutions. Rendering a high polygon count model will be useless. Less resolution necessitates less polygons per object/detail. One of the reasons why the MGS HD collection doesn't have MGS1 is the terrible polygon count. The GPU's vertex processing doesn't go up, the amount of detail that needs to be rendered goes DOWN. Is this difficult for you?
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5 years ago#87
The shaders, lighting effects, and small screen make games look as good as Wii games.
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5 years ago#88
This guy trolled all you fanboys.
5 years ago#89
Basically, what I see is a system that can look as good as a Wii but with the shaders and lighting systems, pushes it closer to the realm of the 360. The Capcom games hit this point home.

And I'm sure once Mario Kart 7 and Mario Land 3D are out, we'll have a better gauge of the system power too.
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