What was your initial reaction to the 3DS pricedrop?

#31kdognumba1Posted 7/31/2011 1:53:11 AM

Pretty much sums it up
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#32DeathSoul2000Posted 7/31/2011 1:56:51 AM
Super Nintendo Defender system
#33SB_Posted 7/31/2011 2:01:48 AM
I bought a new 3DS on eBay sale for $205 literally just THREE MINUTES before the price drop started spreading all across the internet...

Needless to say, I was not pleased at first, and really went crazy when I heard they were giving the 20 games away to early buyers, but then I found out about the time limit and realized I'd be set there, so all was good again. Now I just gotta wait for the thing to arrive Tuesday so I can enjoy all these games I bought in advance.
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#34RichterB17Posted 7/31/2011 2:04:46 AM
4-Legged-Shark posted...
this was my reaction:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w09rqkY0hbg

Initially I was just going to say anger, but this is pretty damn good lol
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#35SkittyOnWailordPosted 7/31/2011 2:08:48 AM
What was your initial reaction to the 3DS pricedrop?

I got the 3DS two days after it's release in February and here was my reaction.
I saw the price drop. Meh.
I saw the free games. Meh, free stuff.
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#36d0wnerPosted 7/31/2011 3:00:34 AM
Sony one-upped.
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