Do you think that GBA games will have multiplayer?

#1Adrian2040Posted 7/31/2011 12:00:36 AM
Considering that so far NoA only specified NES games with multiplayers once they're updated (The update being released when the games are released to the general public) and that the GBA games won't be released to the general public...

Will they have multiplayer? I would like to play Mario Kart Super Circuit with my friends...
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#2SlaysmePosted 7/31/2011 12:08:22 AM(edited)
If they really don't release them to all for
That, however would be butt crack people of walmart level stupid.
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#3PokeclipsePosted 7/31/2011 12:28:05 AM
slaysme420 posted...
That, however would be butt crack people of walmart level stupid.

I laughed more than I should have. >_>
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#4hesu2000Posted 7/31/2011 12:37:35 AM
that should upset me because i used to work there. But there where more then there fair share of idots there.
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#5Mario_BonesPosted 7/31/2011 1:51:55 AM
I'd assume so. Hopefully, otherwise I'll have to pull out my GBA and link cable to play Mario Bros. and Super Circuit D:
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#6Shift BreakerPosted 7/31/2011 2:24:44 AM
Well, as far as I'm aware, the Game Boy games released so far don't have it and the GBA ones will just be a featureless emulation so I don't think so.
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#7TheAlanEdgeHeadPosted 7/31/2011 6:53:33 AM
GBA games are confirmed to not have any peripheral support.
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#8VermineaterPosted 7/31/2011 7:00:07 AM
As someone currently employed at Walmart, I cracked a smile. :D
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