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Hello my fellow gfaqers, I live in mexico and proudly own a 3DS, bought it like 3 weeks after it came here and payed like 3 times what you gave for yours... This is because NOA didnt care about retailers over pricing the hardware (and software in that case) but thats the same since nes old times.

My worry now is that I've noticed that my store updates differently than yours for instance I get the prices of the virtual console games in MXN pesos (thats kinda neat) and It worries me that we (ppl living in mexico) are not included in what nintendo refers to north america (I know we should but...). So I come here to ask you if theres any kind of announcement about the 20 free games in the ds store cuz my news say nothing about it (on the 3ds store) and I just (like 2 days ago) got nintendo video update when u got it like some time ago (my point explained before).

Thanks in advance I hope we do get a price drop too since im eagerly waiting for purple 3ds to launch so I can buy it too (i got black and love it but purpple looks so awesome).
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the ambassador program is world-wide, so even if mexio doesn't count as North America, you should still get the 20 games
btw, if mexico sucks so bad, why not import a 3DS from the US?
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I bought the target's special edition optimus prime tht you got on... well target the thing cost me like 80 bucks.. with us priority mail (wich is the cheapest way of mailing anything WITH ensurance) it went from 80 to 150 bucks, + when it got here, it didnt came to my house, I got a notice that it had arrived to THE AIRPORT wich is 30 minutes far away (with no traffic wich is... like a myth here). When I got there i had to pay 15 more bucks to get said package for the custom taxes and the packaging... (sorry if thats misspelled) ("misspelled" might be too) was destroyed, thank god the toy was not damaged and im not a fan of collecting stuff on the original mint unopened box.

Mailing service here sucks too, I was not like complaining about it.. 25 years old here and im used to this stuff its the way thins are here, I just wanted to express some differences we get from noa.

EDIT: Ahh sorry thanks for your answer, I do hope we get the free things too, NOA should make a better offer for south america tho, i heard that brazil and colombia got the same treat we did (maybe 3 times overpriced is maybe over the edge but twice of what you payed is for shure what we did).
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I got my notification 2day looks like mexico's getting them too =D im so glad.
We fill the silence with our own insecurities