Psp is able to download PS games. We can download nes games.

#71RED_LINK1Posted 7/31/2011 12:47:17 PM
I'm sure once the NES games come to download, we'll have to buy them again on the 3DS even if we did on the Wii. Unlike the PSP and PS3. Nintendo should have copied this, not like Sony didn't copy everything else.
#72helldewPosted 7/31/2011 1:12:04 PM
Final Fantasy Tactics (yes they released this one even though there was an updated UMD release for PSP. Nintendo will never give you a choice on how to play something like Ocarina)

um kirby superstar? they released it on VC despite SSU coming out on DS...

You can also down load psp games from the the psn, the wait time is 5 hours but still just to have that option is pretty damn amazing..... Seems like to me that Nintendo wants to trickle out these advanced features..... but really for what purpose....? With today's tech the 3ds should have been capable of playing/emulating any nes, gameboy's, ds, super nes, virtual boy, N64, and game cube games with out any issues.... as loyal nintendo customers, we have been really missing out on key features..... and it might be to late for Nintendo to pull it all together..... I really thought Nintendo's next console would've included these common features along with more advanced hardware.... we know its true..... just... have to accept it.... or.... I KILL YOU!

you just showed you dont understand emulation at all 3DS couldnt emulate GC if it wanted to
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