Anyone else think that Nintendo shouldve released certain Wii games for the 3DS?

#1Solid_SOAPPosted 7/31/2011 9:23:37 AM
Does anyone else believe that, with the array of 2.5D platformers Nintendo have been releasing on the Wii, that the 3DS might have done better had they released said games for the handheld device as opposed to the Wii? I loved Donkey Kong Country Returns,and I'll be picking up Kirby's Epic Yarn soon as it's reached bargin price as of recently at the local Gamestop, but I just feel like that these titles, along with the upcoming 'Kirby Wii', would be better suited at a lower price on the portable console. They're all perfectly suited for quick bursts of "in-and-out" gameplay, and the 3DS would've been able to handle them perfectly with the exception of maybe DKCR. Releasing these as launch titles for the 3DS would've been a smarter move in my opinion, considering it'sdry launch with the exception of Ocarina 3D, and how easily the system would've been able to handle them. What do you think?
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As soon as I saw this topic, Donkey Kong Country Returns came to mind.

And yes, I agree.
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I feel like DK in particular might have even been better recieved had it been released as a 3DS launch title with no motion control gimmicks. One of the few problems I've read people had with DKCR was the fact that roll was mapped to waggle, had the 3DS version of it simply mapped all moves to buttons the game would've most likely been percieved a little bit better than the Wii version currently is.