Rawr, why Nintendo?

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I know. People are obviously doing something wrong if they're getting scratches.

Most likely they're freaking out because they can see itty-bitty little "scratches" if they angle the system just right under very specific lighting conditions and act like it's a travesty.
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SSJ4CHRIS posted...
Well the flare red ones just came out, so it's safe to say that they have the new bumpers. And you have Japanese 3DS' which may or may not make a difference. Do you and your friends get together and do a 3DS maintenance check on each others systems every few hours or something, or are you just assuming they don't have scratches? Or just taking their words for it maybe? I'm not doubting you baby the device, but making claims for all of your friends may be a bit too much.

We're often at each others places for nomikais (basically for drinks) and there's a rotation on poker/wii/3ds because of the amount of people.

And I don't really baby mine. I kinda throw it around a bit.
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