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Still, I think the REAL winners here are not necessarily those who choose to buy the 3DS and the Vita, but those who enjoy their chosen handheld(s) and are glad they bought it/them.

Totally true. I would probably get a Vita if I had all the money I could, but instead of having two consoles, I decided it would be best to go and enjoy my 3DS the best I could and buy all the games I want for it. If you're able to enjoy having both, then that would be ideal. But I'm perfectly satisfied with my 3DS, so...

nope, I'm the real winner because im going to buy AND ENJOY both. They are both cool, they both have great games and greater potential, and im buying and enjoying both because im a WINNER

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3DS: Is available now

VITA: Is not available now


But for srs, I'll get a Vita eventually. Waiting on a price drop for 3DS worked out fantastically, so maybe I'll try that again! Ha.