I Hate Nintendo

#1BLACK_HUNTEXPosted 7/31/2011 7:01:01 PM
I lost all my Respect and Loyalty towards Nintendo. With that said.. Who wants a 3ds with 4 games?
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#2OmegaZero633Posted 7/31/2011 7:02:20 PM

I want to give my friend a b-day present.
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#3hydradragonPosted 7/31/2011 7:03:46 PM
I hate Mondays.
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#4ZombiePikminPosted 7/31/2011 7:06:10 PM
I hate you.
#5MINJI20Posted 7/31/2011 7:06:14 PM
4 games? SSF4, Ghost Recon, DOA, Resident Evil, OoT, and Pilotwings for the casual players? They also added built in software like AR games and Face Raiders. On top of that, there's a wave of games coming out soon. Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon Rumble Blast, Kid Icarus:Uprising, Paper Mario, etc.
#6MrFwibblesPosted 7/31/2011 7:06:28 PM
I don't know, does the 3DS have 4 good games?
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#7nintendoggerPosted 7/31/2011 7:10:12 PM
hydra_dragon posted...
I hate Mondays.

3DS, August 12. Can't wait.
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#8xCha0sPosted 7/31/2011 7:12:18 PM
I Hate Nintendo

#9SimpleStar010Posted 7/31/2011 7:13:12 PM
I hate stupid people. I'll leave that open for interpretation TC.
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#10so64Posted 7/31/2011 7:15:55 PM
Believe it or not...
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