Anyone who thinks its wrong for people getting both the games and the price drop

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The only reason you complain is because you feel that the games were supposed to be Nintendo's way of reimbursing you, but if some people get both, now that satisfaction is gone. Thats why you're upset. but the thing is people who are buying a 3DS to do this, are HELPING Nintendo, because they're earning Nintendo an extra few bucks. Nintendo's not thinking "Ah, dang it! a few extra people got those free games!" no, thats not what they're thinking at all, in fact what they'll be thinking is "Yes! a few extra people bought a 3DS at $250! Woo!". because when a store reimburses you for a price drop, its that store that ends up with 80 less dollars, while Nintendo just earned full price for a few more 3DS' that they probably wouldn't have before.
So i just completely proved anyone who thinks its stealing from Nintendo that they're wrong, its not stealing, in fact its giving them MORE money, just less comes out of your pocket and more comes out of the retailers and goes into Nintendo.
But now you might say "It's stealing from the retailer!" no its not, cause the retailer would reimburse you whether the 20 free games were being offered or not, so it doesn't make a difference to them.
So again, anyone who says that these people are practically "thieves", "immoral" or "pirates" I just proved you completely wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo left this "loophole" on purpose, cause anyone who follows it earnes Nintendo money AND saves 80 dollars.
The only reason you're upset is cause they get more stuff then you and its not fair. But life isn't fair so get over it.
Like the guy who won the lottery, bought himself a new house and a new car. And receives the rest of the money as income in small portions, so small that he still can get food stamps. So the guys a freaking millionaire and gets free groceries, thats F'ed up and not fair. (and a true story look it up if you don't believe me) So go complain about that guy. not the people saving them selves 80 extra bucks.
Plus, if you're an early buyer for the 3DS you still got free Excite Bike, so you saved $6 ;P

P.S. By definition, the people who do the "loophole" are still being fair because no one MADE you by a 3DS early, you could have been patient and waited just like them. So even if you say "but it's not fair!" you'd still be wrong.

P.P.S. i didn't think i was going to write such a big wall of text.

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I SAID NEXT *slams his papers on the desk*
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You can't blame people. It the stores that will sell it cheap early, not the customers. The customers who are smart on getting it at that price, good for them. Nintendo still gets the money and look at this way, the sales will go up.

Nintendo is trying to get more sales.
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Question: Who the devil is Nintendoman? Is that like Saiyaman(sp) or something? Does he have a cape and a cane? And what about a good hat? (I agree with everything you said by the way...)
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I bought a 3DS a while ago, and could honestly not care less about people using this system at all if the companies themselves allow it to move sales. Remember that companies reserve the right to withhold on any current deals at any time under special circumstances.

However, what you just labeled would cause a massive hit on retailers that are unaware of this upcoming price drop, assuming that all things are equal, because retailers get a percentage of the sales. Which will further harvest discontent between retailer and Nintendo, which could in fact hurt further sales if the company decides to do so, which has happened in the past.

Like making store sales revolve more around the Vita than the 3DS in the future.

One more thing, for the love of god use spacing.
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Good day.
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so64 posted...
Question: Who the devil is Nintendoman? Is that like Saiyaman(sp) or something? Does he have a cape and a cane? And what about a good hat? (I agree with everything you said by the way...)

Did i say Nintendoman?
if i did it was a typo. i'm using my 3DS so i cant find where it says that.

EDIT: I found it it, it was supposed to read "Nintendo an extra" but m is right by the space bar and i accidently push it a lot on my 3DS when i mean to push space.
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I really don't think a significant number of people are actually going to go to the trouble of getting both. For one thing, it's not a simple matter of getting a 169 3DS and fooling the online store that you paid 250. There may even be a period of time where they stagger it so you couldn't have bought a last minute 250 3DS and if you did, you might get the discount, but you wouldn't have the same registry with Nintendo as someone who bought it earlier. You actually have to deal with customer service to do this and get in line behind a bunch of whiny old ladies who did stupid stuff like dropped their computers on the floor and want a complete refund. So on one hand, it's a lame thing to do, and on the other hand, if these stores actually humor people that destroy their own stuff, they certainly are prepared to reimberse a few kids who bought a 250 3DS within the refund period, considering they were just about to drop it anyway and they have nothing to do with the VC purchases. Nintendo is also getting the same amount of money from the stores in the first place. If there is a discrepancy in the amount the store game them for the 250s they have in stock, that would be dealt with once the price changed and would accommodate to any future price-matching before it even occurred. The bottom line is that stores allow these policies because they don't get utilized enough for them to be bothered by them.
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