Anyone who thinks its wrong for people getting both the games and the price drop

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Stop trying to rationalize it. Nintendo ends up footing the bill for the price drop you supposedly aren't getting, which was the point of the free games in the first place. You want to be greedy, fine. But don't try to pretend it's not.

Wait, downloading a few free games is being greedy, but overcharging people $80 on product for five months isn't?

Their actions don't justify yours. And at least they admitted the mistake, unlike the people here who are going to insane lengths to rationalize pure and simple greed.
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theshoveller posted...
I think it's wrong, since it's kinda like double-dipping - you just don't do it, and if you do do it, then don't brag that you did it or else someone'll pop you one in the mouth. Still, saying it's wrong doesn't mean people won't do it, or shouldn't do it at all - I wouldn't hate a guy who's short on cash with a low-paying job to take advantage of it as much as I would someone who could buy five 3DS's at once and not make a dent in his paycheck for that week.

That said, why would people care what I think of them? And why would I let it bother me a whole lot? So they screwed the system and won - good for them. They do excessive gloating, that's when I start to get annoyed. They keep doing it after I say "Hey, man, knock it off?" That's when they go on the ****-list.

I agree with this, I kinda said something along these lines in a different topic.
Majora006's "It's fair" argument, I believe that to be true, we all had the same odds, but that doesn't make it right. We could all double-dip too, so thats fair, but that doesn't make it ok.
The people who argue that the loophole/ trick is ok are like the double-dippers, they can argue "You say double-dipping is wrong, but i say its utilizing my resources, i have half a chip left, might as well use it" this is true but that doesn't mean its right. Either way someone well be upset though so it hardly makes a difference.
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w/e helps you sleep better at night. Only reason you're upset TC is because you learned you're just a hypocrite.
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darkqueenhelba posted...
w/e helps you sleep better at night. Only reason you're upset TC is because you learned you're just a hypocrite.

I'm not upset at all...? you make no sense.
And how am I a hypocrite? I wonder if you even know the meaning of the word?
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