Post your dream E3/announcement ITT: 3DS related.

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User Info: rashrules

5 years ago#1
-At Nintendo's E3 conference
-Screen is black
-Suddenly a moon appears which is dangerously close to the surface
-We see Link and the face on the moon
-It's Majora's Mask 3D
-Link plays the Ocarina of Time and warps out of there
-Moon loses its face and begins to gradually look different
-A silhouette is seen on the moon
-MegaMan Volnutt jumps off, he's returned from Elysium
-MegaMan Legends 3 is being continued
-Nintendo and Capcom had collaborated on the conference

-Suddenly, screen goes dark once more
-This appears on the screen:

-MegaMan Battle Network 7 announced for the 3DS
-Continues the original story
-Apart from the main story, lets you customize your NetNavi any way you want to using a balanced NaviCust system, and even lets you customize your special attack (tradeoffs between range, power, speed, etc. for balanced gameplay)
-Has a data install feature which installs your NetNavi, and chip folder + extra chips on SD card, which essentially means your 3DS is your PET
-Can netbattle on the go and edit your folder without having the game inserted in
-Streetpass compatible so you can exchange data with others while walking down the street
-Game has full Wi-Fi support, lets you connect to Capcom's servers and explore their 'internet' like you do in the story mode
-Talk to other people and battle with them
-Servers get updated monthly with new areas, battlechips to buy, new customization options
-Essentially a 3DS MMORPG in addition to the main story mode

Everyone lives happily ever after
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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

5 years ago#2
Announcement of the localization of Layton vs Wright. And I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever else they give me.
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