I'm listening to the 25th anniversary symphony

#11marsboy12345Posted 8/1/2011 11:33:01 AM
When you're on the boat in the Karagol Sea(in Golden Sun).
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#12Sol_ClydePosted 8/1/2011 11:47:07 AM
Calm and Hope - Zelda Twilight Princess
Field Theme from TP as well.

Bowser's Star Reactor, Gusty Garden Galaxy, Rosalina's Theme and Purple Coins' from Mario Galaxy.

Star Fox Main Theme (the Brawl arrangement of the Snes one), Space Battleground and 64's Credits Theme from Star Fox.

Theme of Love, 2nd of the 3 last boss themes, Mind of a Thief, Monkey's Delivery Service, Wasteful Anthem, Tragic Reconstruction, Sorrowful Tazmilly, 16 Melodies, Happy Town?, Alec's Log House, Refreshing Toilets, No Eating Crackers in the Cinema, Bothersome Guys, Intense Guys, Accelerondo, DANGER, Long Shadow, Something Strange is Going On, Adolescence, The Green Train's Fun Too, She Was Like a Sunflower, Letter from you, my Sweet, Mom's Homeland, Snowman, Pollyanna, Wisdom of the World, Eight Melodies, I Miss You, Twoson, Because I Love You, Battle Against a Dangerous Foe (NES version, the Snes one sucks) from Mother series.

I think those are my favorites.
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