About the rumor regarding the "two new games" for the Ambassador program,

#11LordAndrewPosted 8/1/2011 1:31:07 PM
Starwars4J posted...
Geez, everyone's taking the side of the first guy?

No. I didn't believe it at any point. But this thread doesn't disprove it either. They're both useless.
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Wow I am actually surprised at the level of fail on this board. I never lie. I am brutally honest. I did call them and I was read the exact same list but forgetting about that, you geniuses believed that one guy without a shred of proof. He even wrote the list altered with Yoshi's Island missing while claiming to be copying it. BUT OK HE CAN'T BE LYING! *leaves board of fail*
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It's theoretically possible that both topics are true, BTW. There's no reason to believe that both TCs talked with the same person.

I'm not saying I necessarily believe Mario 3 Advance and Kirby: Mirror are necessarily on the list - the other topic could have been lying - but it's still very possible that the person the other TC talked to flubbed. Technically, nothing in this topic proves anything either way regarding the other topic.
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