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5 years ago#1
Ok, before this year is up, I am buying a 3DS. I really want OOT, Starfox 64, Super Mario, and the other big releases. I'm contemplating buying it now to get the 20 free games. I know I will enjoy at least 75% of the free games and have played maybe 50% of them. Should I wait or should I bite now while my Fat DS is still getting 25 dollar trade in?
5 years ago#2
Cosider that it's supposed to be that some of the games will be exclusive for early adopters at least for a little while.
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5 years ago#3
A number of people have been going to places like BestBuy which will match the coming discount and refund you the difference when the console drops, supposing your determined to get it now.

I'm really happy to have my 3DS now, and the free games from being an ambassador will be pretty sweet in addition to getting to enjoy my 3DS now instead of if I had waited for a price drop.
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5 years ago#4
They are honoring the price drop? How does that work? Also, what games should I look into?
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