I got my giant AR card in the mail today. Here's what I did with it.

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BTW TC, what type of material is the over-sized card made of?

It's a nice kind of paper. It feels about as thick as 3 sheets of computer paper. It's good enough that so long as you're not stupid with it, it stays in good shape.
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Are you so young that you cannot comprehend this simple fact of being "free". That's like saying when you go to the grocery store and you try out a FREE sample then make a purchase for the food item it's not free. You still got to try a taste REGARDLESS of making a purchase. Like wise, no one buys Nintendo games for CLUB Nintendo rewards. WOW! That's a pretty cool Wiimote Holder. Better go buy the next Pokemon game, register it, and then use my COINS so I can get that Wiimote Holder! It's just extra incentive to keep you buying their products, which many don't take advantage of in the first place. When people start thinking that the registration of products ties in with their cost to the consumer....there's a BIG problem!
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