The Ambassador program is a lame attempt at consoling those who purchased early

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I didn't know they let 12 year olds into college...
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As far as 3DS owners go, there are three kinds that are brought about because of the ambassador program and the price cuts:

1. You bought the 3DS early (like me) without any indication that there would be a price cut or an ambassador program and can not (or will not) take advantage of the money return.

2. You are buying or already bought a 3DS because of this news and are getting both the free games and your $80 back at the retailer. And...

3. You are buying the 3DS after the price cuts and therefore, not getting the free games.

Nobody can complain in any of the situations. If you buy it after the price cut, then you save yourself eighty bucks. If you buy it before and get your money back, you get 20 free games and your eighty bucks. No arguing for compensation; you get the best of both worlds. If you bought a 3DS in the first situation then you still can't complain; no one could've known about the early price cuts and the free games. You would have known what you were getting yourself into, and have no one to blame but yourself for (in your opinion) a wasted eighty bucks.
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Yeah, I mean, video games are cool....
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people dont read big topics
Yeah, I mean, video games are cool....
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TC whines about a system he bought willingly for ONE games having a small library?

I dun get it.

EDIT: Just read through the whole topic.

This was an IMPRESSIVE trolling on TC's part. Well done good sir. Very committed
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bumppp :-)
Yeah, I mean, video games are cool....