Did Target always have this loophole for the loophole?

#1MellowLyricistPosted 8/1/2011 10:25:48 PM
Or did they recently change their policy?

Price Adjustments
If you see a lower price listed in one of our Target Weekly Ads, we will adjust the price of your online order to match the advertised price if you purchased the item within 1-7 days prior to the ad; you contact us during the Weekly Ad where the lower price is featured; and the lower price is not on a clearance item.


There's also a very similar clause on another page:

Target Stores Price Adjustment Policy

If Target advertises a lower price either the same week or the week following your purchase, bring in your original sales receipt to Guest Services for an adjustment.


Seems like they can just choose not to advertise the new price the following week so they can get out of it.
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#2d0wnerPosted 8/1/2011 10:29:41 PM
I don't know, but what do you think the chances are they won't advertise 3DS the week it drops?
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#3SkyCrackersPosted 8/1/2011 10:30:50 PM
Don't worry, I'm sure someone will find a third loophole to get around this loophole in the loophole.
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#4MellowLyricist(Topic Creator)Posted 8/1/2011 10:33:16 PM
You know what, I didn't stop to think that they'd care about losing sales to competitors who do advertise it. It would most likely be worse than potential money lost from adjusting (even though the profits would be minimal anyway).
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#5elheberPosted 8/2/2011 12:22:29 AM
They'll advertise. I'll put my reputation on the line here. There's no way they won't advertise.
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#6sonicboom510Posted 8/2/2011 12:28:39 AM
They'll advertise it. Even if they don't advertise the price change, the 3DS will still show up as a lower price via DPCI of the item.