No more space to download more eshop games :(

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5 years ago#1
anyway i can download more to my sd card? i want all of em! >:D
5 years ago#2
Are you ever actually going to PLAY all of them?

Oh, well. You could always get another SD card.
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5 years ago#3
Buy a bigger SD card
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5 years ago#4
C. Playing:
5 years ago#5
Hell I got a good ol 8 gig for this system
5 years ago#6
Did you buy crappy games in addition to the good ones? Because you shouldnt of ran out of space if you only downloaded the good games.
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5 years ago#7
DSiware games don't run off the SD card. They run off the system memory. You need to manually move them back and forth off the SD card to manage them. It's annoying. I dealt with it on the DSi so I made sure only to transfer games I would play often enough to the 3DS so I could avoid doing that.
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5 years ago#8
Are you sure you aren't talking about DSiware? that can only be saved to a portion of the system memory
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5 years ago#9
. . . . . . Would anyone care to have a blocks thread of how much all the downloads for the DSIware & eShop take? May be useful for those to decide what size SD card to get.
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  3. No more space to download more eshop games :(

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