One question about being an ambassador.

#1shadic88Posted 8/3/2011 4:15:08 AM
I hear people saying that you have to log in to the e-shop to be seen as an ambassador.
Does that just mean hooking your 3ds up to a wireless connection and browsing the games or do I have to do something special? If not then does the fact that I've downloaded
the free copy of excite bike make me an ambassador?
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#2xoftheuniversePosted 8/3/2011 4:17:29 AM
You just have to connect fellow ambassador.
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#3shadic88(Topic Creator)Posted 8/3/2011 4:21:43 AM
Cool, thanks. This will be the first time I've played some of these NES games.
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#4xCha0sPosted 8/3/2011 4:31:07 AM
welcome to ambassy