So I went and bought my pretty console today at Best Buy. (Yes, another topic)

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Xcon3 posted...
It will work...

It's just not smart business otherwise...

What is better for a business?

A happy customer and a sale of $170.00?


A angry customer, a returned (no longer able to be sold for full retail) handheld, and no sale at all?

Either the company loses $80 a sale...


They get the system either traded in (Profit), or return unopened and sold to someone coming in cause of the dropped price...

It is a hard choice... I honestly can't say.
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I opened it. Tee hee.
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nintendogger posted...
Short story shorter, the guy running the game section did not know about the price drop, or the 20 free games. He asked when the drop was and I told him "August 12, so like next week," to which he replied, "Yeah, it'll work."

LOL, I worked for a retail store, I'd believe it if they don't know about the price drop, unless they're avid gamers or or really keen on these things. These guys just mainly care about ringing the items and finish their shift. They probably would know this (and will be suprised) on Aug 12 when customers return by the droves during price match.
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Yeah, I wonder how many people are doing it?
3DS, I have you now. :)
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