so i knew capcom was now crapcom... but

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oh id still notice

too many damn good games to overlook this kinda stuff

Put in fifty hours and then tell me if you notice, not five minutes.

But why would I want to spend that much time on a game where it felt like no care or polish was put into it?

Because there's not much better to play on the 3DS, at this time?

I'd sooner play something on another system and wait for an actual good 3DS game

Do yourself a favor, break this Stockholm Syndrome and play Dungeons of Dredmor or something

Stockholm Syndrome is an entirely different thing from enjoying a game that is imperfect.
It's not like I only own a 3DS, if I want the only portable RE4/5 experience that I can experience while on my breaks at work I'll damn sure enjoy being able to have that. If I'd rather play a portable grindfest, I'll likely bring my PSP and PSPo2/FFIV/Monster Hunter it up..
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