Remind me again why making a console available early is a bad thing?

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Because it gives the competition more time to make their console better?
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From: Maxx_the_Slash | #002
Because it gives the competition more time to make their console better?

You do realize that if a console is done and is sitting in the warehouses it costs money and it doesn't improve right?

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#4theshovellerPosted 8/4/2011 9:22:06 AM
Making a console available earlier is a double-edged sword. You can either go all-out with the tech and take a hit on hardware until the tech becomes cheap enough to turn a profit, which ensures you have nice hardware. You can go with what's "cheap enough" and hope the gamble pays off, as it won't be cutting-edge tech, but won't be nothing but last year's car with a pretty coat of paint on it. You can go dirt-cheap and pray that software makes up for what the hardware's lacking. Finally, you can go with a cheaper format that you specialize in, but nobody else uses (this is what I think was a big factor in Dreamcast's downfall - they used not DVDs or CDs, but their own format of disc, which probably didn't help costs much.)

Consoles that come later can get either better tech at a loss, better tech that's more profitable, time to see which formats are taking over, etc. However, they're not around as long as the early release console(s) so there might not be as much support for them right away.