Wow, Japanese gamers are actually less fanboys about Nintendo than people here

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Well the Japanese can suck it, they get better games anyhow so they need to quit their *****in
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They only surveyed 6,000+ people. Not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Or even a dent in Japan's gaming population.
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Rocky Maiviasatellite?
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6,500 people from one small magazine poll does not represent the country of Japan.
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A portion/average of 6000 readers of ____ magazine think "_____". Must mean that the whole of Japan is _____ than people outside of Japan.
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- 3DS owners were more likely to own other game consoles than those who do not own a 3DS

Is this meant to be an actual question or a rhetorical one?
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Not the first survey showing majority dissatisfaction with the 3DS, just the first one noting dissatisfaction with the price drop.
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Had to pull the fanboy thing, huh?

At any rate, Japan doesn't even give the most sales, and their game industry isn't even that great right now, as corroborated by Inafune and Itagaki. So I don't really care, personally.

On my end, I'm sticking with 3DS to see if they fix the *numerous* problems with it, because it looks like they're trying. If they fail, then I'm selling my 3DS. Timeline? Until next E3/redesign announcement.
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I'll believe it (I didn't look at the link, just the title.) It's like going to an anime convention and seeing people who are more "Japanese" than someone who's Japanese.

Us Americans always go into extremes - we're "for" or "against" something, and there's no middle ground. If you walk the middle ground, you're "for" or "against" whatever you're in the middle ground of, and usually by the opposing side. Dunno about the British and Europeans, though.