~What if Nintendo added the ability to listen to your own music while playing?~

#1Martiin51Posted 8/4/2011 4:41:46 PM

For instance, if you're playing Zelda and on a dungeon, you'd still hear the game sounds but also your music. (via your SD card)

And when you press the Home button, you can change songs or alter the volume of your music and the game music.

This can come in a system update hopefully... But probably not.
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#2Bridge_HansonPosted 8/4/2011 4:43:27 PM
I could never do that with anything, myself. I tried putting music on my XBox to listen to during games, but it was more distracting than anything. I don't like the idea of having music and game sounds conflicting like that.
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#3Martiin51(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2011 5:05:01 PM
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#4GhetsisPosted 8/4/2011 5:15:33 PM
You mean like on the 360?

Yeah, that feature was great, especially during the long grinding sessions on FFXI. You can only handle the battle theme for so long...
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#5nintendoggerPosted 8/4/2011 5:16:04 PM
I wouldn't use it either.
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#6CHOVI3Posted 8/4/2011 5:23:39 PM
Then that would be the most awesome thing ever :D
#7Martiin51(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2011 5:26:38 PM
yeah it would work better for certain games than others
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#8CommanderxGreenPosted 8/4/2011 5:39:42 PM
Yeah, I'd have really liked it if the 3DS Sound App was one of the multi-tasking apps on the topside. I really liked using custom music on the 360, and it was one of my favorite things to do with my (hacked) PSP.
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#9strongo9Posted 8/4/2011 5:53:40 PM
I wouldn't do it because I appreciate video game music and love hearing it, but it would be great if you could multitask with the music app (and picture app too) for those who would want to.
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#10MrFwibblesPosted 8/4/2011 7:48:16 PM
Custom music in-game is patented by Microsoft.
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