Can you still buy...

#11Nin3DSFanPosted 8/5/2011 1:16:22 AM
"We have no plans" could mean they will at some point.

I mean, think back to 1992 for example. I doubt they had "plans to make the Gamecube" back then, but 7 years later, on March 2, or March 3, 1999, what happens? They announced what eventually became the "GameCube" (Also, wasn't the PS2 announced like a day after, in early March 1999?)
#12xCha0sPosted 8/5/2011 1:40:12 AM(edited)
if the gba games do come out, it wont be for years. if you're willing to wait that much longer, then by all means wait for the price drop. if you dont have a lot of money and MUST have both, try ebay.
#13Nin3DSFanPosted 8/5/2011 5:11:38 AM
And if people are still not convinced that "no plans" could mean it's possible...

January 25, 2006:
"We have no plans for a redesign of the Nintendo DS"

January 26, 2006:
"Nintendo DS Lite launches in Japan on March 2, 2006"

Yes, they announced the release date of the DS Lite the DAY after they said they weren't planning any redesigns? Well, so I'm told.