Will the 3DS ever get console ports?

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Not all of those games I mentioned are covered for vita but it's possible they will be. Most every developer seems to be interested in Sonys portable but not Nintendos. The vita does however have a list of confirmed console ports.

The same developers ( more or less) are doing games for both just like the psp and ds.............

Really? Is there a confirmed CoD? Bioshock? Games like Uncharted, Killzone, etc? We got a few N64 ports and crapware from 3rd parties. Sure there are games like Mario Kart and That Icarus game but we have nothing similar to "console" styled games really around the corner as far as I'm aware.

COD doesnt need to be confirmed. Its multiplat and besides a battlefield game is coming to the 3ds. There were more COD's on the ds than psp.

Bioshock is 1 game. The rest you listed are first party

The 3ds as at least 11 first party games announced for the current future

And theres what 2 n64 ports? and the crapware is your opinion

I am looking forward to rune factory 4, rocket slime 3, FF rhythm, shinobi, the imageepoch srpg,doctor laurec, layton 5, and a bunch of other third party things that we know
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