Is everyone else sick of IGN bashing Nintendo at least once a day?

#41Mariofan15Posted 8/5/2011 1:00:21 PM
Is anyone sick of IGN period? All they do is praise games THEY think is good and bash games they hate.
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I like IGN since they provide facts and opinions - it makes it more interesting to read. I really don't understand why people get so outraged when they make a joke at Nintendo's expense. It takes an idiot not to recognize the difference between fact and opinion, and it takes a d-bag to get personally offended when someone states a negative opinion about their favorite video game company.

Honestly I think it's a good thing IGN isn't afraid to say what they really think. I like the idea that Nintendo realizes when IGN says their 3DS launch sucked, millions of people will see it, and Nintendo will know to do things differently next time. I mean jeez, sugar-coating things just sets back innovation and growth.
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ll they do is praise games THEY think is good and bash games they hate.

That's what any outlet in the business of reviewing anything does.
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I don't think you quite appreciate how extremely ludicrous it is to claim that the term casual gaming was invented by Sony fanboys to insult the Wii fanbase.

why? Who made up the term? Just because you deem something ludicrous doesn't make it so.

This may shock you but terms aren't coined in special meetings that we all get invited to so you're asking a bit much there. To jump to the extremely defensive conclusion that it was made up by "Sony fanboys" for no reason other than the fact that you seem offended by something that isn't even a derogatory term is a bit of a stretch.

This may shock you but I dont think the term was invented by a group but by a fanboy and it caught on with other fanboys. Yeah no reason at all to think it was done by sony fanboys, youre right i bet it was made up by a nintendo fanboy >.> ahh but casual IS used as a derogatory word towards nintendo ;)
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I'm sick of everything. The bashing, the doomsaying, the fanboys; all of it.

...And yet I still come here almost every day...

deja vu

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