Wow, this board has really devolved into a mess.

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At least the loophole topics have died down. >_>
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OverlordAlik posted...
OldManBattalion posted...
Haven't been on here in while, things have changed.

was so much better when we had sony fanboys coming into this board to bash the 3ds everyday

Even if this was sarcastic, I'd agree with it straight. If I'm gonna get trolled, I'd atleast hope to be amused by it. Art makes you feel, and if trolling can do that, it's art. Sadly the trolly of late makes me only have apathy towards the topics.
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Have you ever wondered what the internet would be like if the Simpsons didn't exist?

I swear, that show turned a generation into smartasses.
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Maybe we should ask admins to set up Nostalgia Message Board.
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^^ It's called the Dreamcast board. :)
Everything that is not forbidden should be mandatory.
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bromance? nice and who is having a personal feud? This is harmless fun we are having. Nothing personal among us.

Any ways yeah the loop hole topics were silly as can be but right now the" I bought a 3ds last month am I in the ambassador program" topics are worse. Do these people even read more then the first three words of any thing.
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message detail

It's best when taken in small doses.

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I'm just here for the gasoline.
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I'm just here for the "drama". What people like and don't like is of no consequence to me.
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