a great place to meet mii plaza ppl

#1ContradictatorPosted 8/5/2011 1:23:00 PM
disneyworld. all parks. ive met 40 something ppl while down there. i was there last week. i realize this wont help everyone, but if u live near it or plan to go to it, u should bring ur 3ds. i will try 6 flags next
#2panama_chiefPosted 8/5/2011 4:32:55 PM
6 flags i met no one. this was six flags great adventure in NJ over 2 weeks ago.

but i can agree with Disney. took my 3DS not only to the magic kingdom, but to downtown disney a few times since the release and met a few people......less than 10. but thats more than the 3 i met in my city here in florida since release until today.
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