Anyone heard of this before?

#1Tony76339Posted 8/5/2011 10:36:27 PM
I don't remember where I saw it, but there is this cradle (like the one with the 3DS) without a cord (basically wireless).
I heard you can charge it (dont know how), and hold on to it. If your 3DS is out of battery and you have no plugs (in the car on a long trip), you can just connect the 3DS with the wireless cradle and it will charge.
So basically, its a cradle that's holds battery, and use it the same way you use the charging cradle.
I have no idea if anyone is understanding this, but could you give me a link so I can see one (NOT TO BUY ONE)?
LOL I'm going to sound like a geek or something, but I want to do some type of research on it. These things are amazing! I wonder when these will be released...
Thanks for your time on reading this! :)
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vidalmoraza posted...

Yes, but there's one that's only for the 3DS and it almost looks the same. I think it was smaller than the original but I'm not sure.
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