it's a good thing that Nintendo sell the 3DS with a loss after the pricedrop

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emagdnE posted...
wasn't the supposed cost to produce each 3DS somewhere around $101?

won't they cost $169 after the price drop?

I'm no math magician, and most certainly didn't care for learning anything beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division under the belief that everything else school tried to shove down my throat had no practical applications, but I'm pretty sure $169 sales - 101 manufacturing costs = $68 profit

and let's not forget that around 4 million people bought the thing with the $250 price tag, meaning they already got a pile of cash off the thing.....

because, you know, Nintendo sells it DIRECTLY to you, and doesn't have to sell it to a store first for them to mark up. owait
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["It's not wrong. Just like Iwata coming to your house, bending you over and giving you a good spank. It's not wrong."]

Seriously? You are comparing a purchase you made freely to sexual assault?
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Spanking someone is not sexual assault. What country do you live in?
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Besides i was trying to say that is what they've done to you. Not in Literal form.
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Cave_Lion posted...
Spanking someone is not sexual assault. What country do you live in?

Except it is if they do it in a sexual manner against your will. And even if it's not it's still an assault so...

You basically tried to say that a purchase you made is the same as an assault
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["Spanking someone is not sexual assault. What country do you live in?"]

What *world* do you live in where barging your way into someone's house and laying your hands on them uninvited is not sexual assault?

Actually, never mind, you haven't answered my first question yet. Were you seriously comparing those two things?

EDIT: Ah, I see that you really were comparing those two things. Which is so amazingly over-the-top offensive, I don't know whether to be offended or amused. You seriously think that freely purchasing a luxury item is anywhere near the same as being assaulted in your own home? You must be a man, because no woman would be that naive.
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"There's no way they're selling it at a loss. I'll never believe it. They can do accounting tricks to show on paper that they're selling at a loss so people feel like they're getting a better deal, or to cheat on taxes, or whatever, but there's just no way, and a little critical thinking should make it obvious. All the electrical components on the board cost at most a few cents each, especially in the volume Nintendo is buying them. The CPU/GPU is old tech and costs a few bucks at most in high volume. The plastic shell costs next to nothing. The factory is in china, so there's almost nothing in labor. That leaves the parallax barrier as the only semi-expensive part. I've seen a $20 figure bandied about on these, but in reality in the volume that Nintendo is buying them it's probably much less. But say we give them the $20, I'm supposed to believe there are over $80 worth of resistors and eeproms in there? Really? It just doesn't add up.

Yeah, of course they have a considerable amount invested in research, marketing, logistics, etc., but this isn't usually what people are talking about when they say it costs over $100 to make a 3DS."

Agreed. I even made a post about a week or two ago to which no one responded. They're most likely saying it's being sold at a loss for PR so the public doesn't think Nintendo was just trying to walk down what Nintendo thought was the publics demand curve.

"So research and development, advertising, production, shipping and retailer profits are free?"

Even if we assume the $100 material fee is correct and that the marginal cost of production hasn't decreased since the 3DS was released are you really trying to tell me that everything else in the production of the 3DS cost close to $150 more? for one unit?
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xCha0s posted...
The Wii is only 101 dollars in parts, and they sold it for 250 at launch. the 3DS actually has much more expensive hardware inside it, than the Wii does

The 3DS parts cost the same as the Wii parts. Do you even do research? It boggles my mind how frequently you say incorrect things.

the Wii-U's controller uses Wii parts, possibly to reduce the cost of the controller, so it's already guaranteed to "feel cheap"

Except it doens't.
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the main reason would be because they would be motivated to make great games to regain profitability.