IGN Nintendo's Executive Editor Talks About Your Reactions

#71NoPointMadePosted 8/7/2011 6:36:11 AM
MasterEchu posted...
Ive seen 6 articals in the last week bash Nintendo with absolutly ntohing but false claimed and logical jumps. This guy clearly isnt doing his job. Id like to see ihm do his job FIRST, then this little extra

THIS. Among many other things, an Executive Editor's job is set the tone for the items being published, sure there are editorials, but you can't have opinions leaning solely to the left or right, there has to be a balance of opinions, so your publications stays on even keel.
Judging by his 'justifications' in this article, what he's doing is making IGN's image look 'anti-Nintendo' like FOX is anti-democrat.
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Cant spell ign without ignorant, but seriously having all those gba, nes, and GB games ontop of gamegear and possible other consoles seems like a much better deal then the super over priced Iphones and Ipads, and thats ignoring the console itself
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