Why is Nintendo intentionally screwing Canadians over?

#1Toadster9001Posted 8/6/2011 4:04:38 PM
Not only have they yet to release the prepaid eShop cards in Canadian stores, but apparently American cards will not work, despite them both being NTSC. What the hell were they thinking?
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#2kfcsnackerPosted 8/6/2011 4:18:15 PM
They dont? Was gonna pick one up in the next couple of days :-/
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#3Mariofan15Posted 8/6/2011 4:22:10 PM
Dont feel bad. The Walmart in the next town over doesnt carry them either which sucks.
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#4JackstinPosted 8/6/2011 4:22:10 PM
It's nothing to cry aboot.
#5ShadowglazePosted 8/6/2011 4:33:44 PM
Its Canada. What did you expect?
#6Chaze_the_chatPosted 8/6/2011 4:35:21 PM
meltonbj posted...
It's nothing to cry aboot.

This made my week XD
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#7MosPosted 8/6/2011 4:39:53 PM
xbox has the same issue with xbox cannot use a US xbox card to renew a canadian subscription and vise versa
#8xCha0sPosted 8/6/2011 4:43:56 PM
terrance and phillip are from canada
#9DeuxHeroPosted 8/6/2011 4:50:29 PM
Canada is the domain of NoA, they like screwing paying customers over.
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#10SF_BahaPosted 8/6/2011 5:30:59 PM
Paying customers who try to cheap out by circumventing the rules and paying less deserve to be screwed over, or at least shown that they aren't above the rules.