3DS isn't the only system taking a hit. The Wii is now $134.

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Sexy. I should buy one for fun.
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I've been seeing the Wii for $135 or so for at least a month now.

Considering that it's 5 or 6 years old, I'd expect it to be pretty inexpensive by now.
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wouldnt be surpise if it hit $100
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This isn't shocking or surprising at all. The Wii has been around for 4+ years and it's no news sells have been slowing. 3DS has been around 5 months.
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Not only that, the N64 is $20!

Nintendo is in BIG TROUBLE.
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Hmm I should pick up another wii, mine makes weird sounds when a disc is in the system, doesnt impact performance, and it really just sounds like a messed up fan, but it only does it when a disc is in the system so i suspect its the driver.

I always wanted a red Wii......
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PokeMaster posted...
Not only that, the N64 is $20!

Nintendo is in BIG TROUBLE.

SNES is on the rise though so I guess their profits are coming back
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Thats pretty surprising since the wiiU won't be available until like a year from now
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