I think everyone should wait for a XL not the drop price on the regular 3ds

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jordandrako posted...
The screen is that size so the 3D will work. If it were any bigger then people with small heads (children and whatnot) wouldn't be able to see the effect due to eye spacing. Your eyes have to be at a certain angle to the screen to see both images without it ghosting and giving you a headache. Same concept for blurry vision, hence people with bad eyesight complaining about not being able to see it.

This too.

OP doesn't even know how the 3DS works it seems
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imo, the inevitable 3DS XL should focus on maxing out resolution rather than screen size.
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But dood
Size does matter rofl
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Kenta_PKMN posted...
But dood
Size does matter rofl

Perhaps in your universe, but in this one, people want a PORTABLE gaming system to be PORTABLE. That's kind of hard when you have huge screens.
It may seem like they have to release another one, but I'm not so sure they will. Unlike the DS, the 3DS doesn't have a whole lot that can be improved without having to make an entire new system. At most, there may be on better version, but not 3 like with the DS.
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Good lord no, the XL is much too big for my taste.

As crazy as it is, my main allure for a handheld is the fact that it's portable.
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Bigger screen? Unlike men who carry a purse, I'd like my 3DS to fit in my pocket.
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I'm okay with the 3DS being the size of my DS Lite.
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