What happens if we do the Loophole but then we have a moral dilemma after

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CHOVI3 posted...
We know it's not immoral. You can stop this topics now :)

You can't say it's not immoral considering morality is subjective ...it's not immoral to you but it's immoral to someone else...
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OP, you are really obsessed with the loophole...
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XciteMe posted...
wards and we begin to question our values and worth as human beings and that sends us into a tailspin of self-loathing and... and... and.. *inhale*....

FOR GOODNESS SAKE it's not like we're stealing a babby and selling it on the black market.

It's JUST a coupon/deal thing we're using. It's no different than using a 25% off coupon for a jacket that's already been placed on the Sales rack.

STOP the moral preaching.

I stole a baby once from another baby...turned out to be a cabage patch doll... should have stolen the kids lolipop instead but that turned out to be a binkie. I guess I just fail as a thief.
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but how is babby formed?

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It's okay to steal a baby, just don't punch it - especially if it's a Uni-Baby.


Punching Uni-Babies only hurts you in the end.