Gamestop, etc, and used systems

#1SlaysmePosted 8/9/2011 10:46:13 AM
HA! This is an intresting side effect. Some stores paid nearly the price drop price for system trade ins, and there is no reimbursement whatsoever on these second-hand systems from nintendo. I feel bad for the local game stores, but take that one without lube , gamestop! Remember, if you buy a used 3ds from gamestop post price drop, they may have actually lost $ themselves on the deal.
I personally only hate gamestop a little, mostly due to the fact that there are no real retail competitors left.
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#2strongo9Posted 8/9/2011 10:50:01 AM
Buying a used 3DS currently is good. Monopolies that make way too much money off of used games and hardware sales lose money, Nintendo doesn't lose money because you aren't buy the 3DS new at a loss, and the 3DS userbase increases. Too bad once electronics and game stores start buying 3DSs for less than $170 they'll start to profit from their used sales again. Everybody should just steal from them from now on.
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