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User Info: Pkjoan

5 years ago#1
For Mario 25th Anniversary (is it with double nn?)- we got a red wii and new super mario bros wii + super mario all start

For Zelda- We get an OOT CD, SS CD (when is out of course), a Gold Wiimote by pre-ordering SS and a new Zelda game (hinted but not detailed) for 3DS

For Metroid- Ambassadors get metroid fusion on 3DS

What about for Pokemon? I think they'll just give us a Red and White colored Wii U or 3DS, or maybe a Remake of Pokemon Blue with the 649 Pokemons, Pokemons following you, Pokegear, Xtrancevier and many more things!!!

So what do you think?
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User Info: jesse7150

5 years ago#2
well pokemon came out in 96 japan 98 usa so... still got some time son.
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