What's the point of that big black thing that comes with the DS?

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It's kinda like these-



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Actually that big black thing that dropped out of your mother's handbag as she lifted out the 3DS box to hand it to you... Well that isn't really anything to do with the system. You should probably just slip that thing back where it came from and forget all about it.
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From: dynamyke | Posted: 8/10/2011 4:32:10 PM
that is til i got the power pak+ and my enjoyment crashes down on me.

lol nyko. Enjoy the giant melty lump of plastic where your 3DS used to be.
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It can be convenient if you have a permanent home for your charging cradle that you can set your 3DS down on for the night or whenever it needs a charge. It's not so much fun if you have to bring your charger along with you all the time though. I bought a spare charging cable (<$4), so I have a charger I can take with me, and I leave my 3DS charging cradle on my desk at all times. It's a pretty sweet setup, imo.
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umm this is the 3DS board. If you got a DS with a big black thing take it back to the store
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