~POLL: How many Streetpass Mii's do you have?~

#41nofxcrackerPosted 8/11/2011 4:29:31 AM
54 tags and 49 Miis. I live near and work in Boston, been carrying it around since launch - 971,879 steps.
I do seem to have more luck when I walk around in Cambridge, near Harvard and MIT.
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#42jeronimo777Posted 8/11/2011 5:27:32 AM
I've got 5 miis in Iowa. One from my brother, two from the workers at gamestop, and the other is legit.
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#43willywu2Posted 8/11/2011 6:36:11 AM
Woot Iowa people~!! :3
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Thats Classic!
#44dyl1000Posted 8/11/2011 6:41:05 AM
0. Nill. Zero. Zilch. F.A.

I'm not in a city, or even a big town. The streetpass function is useless to me at the moment.

I think they should change it so that you can get Mii's when playing online.
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