3DS was stolen, any way to track it down by WiFi ot Serial Number?

#11Nickf42(VIP)Posted 8/13/2011 1:52:09 PM
TheBoBiZzLe81 posted...
easy solution. Go buy another 3ds... Then retrace your steps... Streetpass yourself... Win

Then what...".YOU STOLE MY 3DS!!!!!!!!111one"

"Not uh!"

" :("


"I'm telling!"
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Post the serial number and those of us who have stolen 3DS consoles can check if we have yours.
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Nickf42 posted...

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Nickf42 posted...
I'm prett sure it doesn't have GPS...
I mean my zune and a bunch of other stuff...even 360 got stolen

and yet they couldn't track if it was connected online :-/...BS if you ask me

Serial number can be tracked only if its sold to a pawn shop

BS indeed. Even my first MacBook couldn't be tracked down even though I managed to find and report an IP address it connected to just hours after it was stolen. Police fail at technology for some reason... You'd think that they'd be the ones with all the advanced knowledge and tech.
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For a system that's supposedly failing, people sure like to steal 3DS'.

And sell it for money to feed their families?